Main site updated
Hey all,

I've updated my main site to support 3 view modes: Image, Video, and Sketchfab. You can switch modes with the button on the lower left of each model's frame.

At the moment, only the thumbnails are available for the images. This was mostly programming oversight, but it occurred to me that I need to create a system that adds a watermark to my work, since I've already found people using my images without credit (run a google image search on my Gameboy render, it's insane). This is basically waiting for me to come up with a logo or banner or something that is specific to me. In the meantime, I'll probably just put my name or something. Coming very soon.

I'll also be adding a button for Text mode so I can add data for each model (poly count, project time, interesting facts, etc). Probably coming at the same time as the above.