Mainstream Media is Trying to Steal an Election

The arch villains are trying to steal an election, and the mainstream media outlets like NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN are part of it Why doesn't the mainstream media cover the issues at hand , like illegal immigration, foreign policy-- you know, things that you are supposed to report on to inform people on the best way to vote?

Recently, there has been a flurry of stories involving Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner. Who did what, who has what email? What is in the Podesta emails? How is the DNC invovled? This is what is being discussed. These are critical to discussing who is suitable to become our next president, not what something Donald Trump did legally on his taxes 20 years ago or that he may have called a woman fat, or stolen a kiss.

In the midst of all of this, false stories designed to trap conservative and right leaning radio talk show, political analysts and journalists are being dumped into social media.In one case, Sean Hannity was duped into thinking that Obama and Elizabeth Warren had taken Clinton off their Twitter follow list. 

Its already been shown that MSN and NBC and that the other mass media outlets are not unbiased and that they spin will be that the election is already over. No one is buying it.Who put out that story-- that is the real issue. Where did it come from? I think you'll find that its another Clinton operation. If so, its more evidence that Team Clinton is attempting to pervert the public discussion. 

Harry Reid now is going after James Comey and the FBI for notifying Congress that it is reopening its investigation, as it is obligated to do. Reid is desperately trying to cover up the DNC's complicity in the Clinton criminal empire and is obviously grasping at straws by claiming Comey may be violating the Hatch Act. I feel kind of bad for the poor old reprobate as he tries to salvage the remnants of the political machine he was instrumental in building. But not too much. 

The Clinton machine and the complicit media have been a plague on America for over 30 years, It's time we ended it at the ballot box in November.

Democracy is governance by consent. If you are misinformed about what is true or not, you cannot give that consent willingly. 

Look-- There is prima fascia evidence that Team Clinton rigged an election in collusion with numerous heads of mainstream media and is continuing to do so. This along with keeping an illegal server, exposing classified information to theft by hostile powers, and obfuscating the truth to fool the American electorate into what was true or not true makes Hillary Clinton unsuitable for POTUS.That is why the mainstream media is being accused of election rigging.

Bottom line? Someone needs to go to jail over it.