Maintaining Your Glass
I was listening to a lot of music yesterday. It was just something I needed. I used to listen to a lot of music especially as a former musician. After I left music, I began to prefer silence. Gathering my thoughts became more important. But every now and then, I need to find a mood that my soul is searching for. 

The "Happy to Have A Glass" concept allows us to have a void in our glass. It doesn't have to be half of anything and can actually be empty if it needs to be. If fact, sometimes it needs to be empty. 

Think about your favorite glass in your kitchen. I know I have a particular type of glass I like to use while I am at home or maybe while I'm out and about. Well if I just let that glass sit around with let's say, Grape Juice in it, eventually mold will grow in the juice. It can get nasty pretty quickly. Well the same goes for some of the things we put into our "Life" glass. While we can find joy in many things that fill our glass, sometimes we fill it with things that can go bad too. It's all part of life. So that's when we have to do some maintenance in our life, to what is in our glass. 

So what do you do when you find mold in your glass. Obviously, you aren't going to drink from it. If you do, what would happen? You'd get sick, right? Well sometimes we need to clean our glass. That means that we have to empty it, add some detergent, scrub out the slime, clean the outside, rinse and let it dry. It's empty while it's drying... 

What creates mold on our glass? Stress, depression, disappointment, life becoming boring or stagnate maybe even a tragic event. First of all, these things are all normal. It's all part of life. Sometimes we put bad things in our glass on purpose, sometimes we let something sit too long that we haven't dealt with and sometimes it's spoiled before we put it in our glass. 

Life maintenance includes looking at our glass and evaluating how it looks as well as what's in it. Is the glass clean? Is it covered in fingerprints so much that you can't see through it? Is it simply dirty? Does it need to be emptied? Are there any cracks in it? Is anything broken on it? Here's the biggest question... Is your glass adequate for your needs or have you outgrown it? Maybe your glass started out as a plastic cup and it needs to become a real glass. Properly evaluating your glass is very important. 

Yesterday, I needed to fill my glass with something else. I needed some music to liven up my life. It was like adding ice to a warm glass of water. It was quite refreshing. How are you going to refresh or maintain your glass today? Think about it. 

I am Jeffery, and I am "Happy to Have A Glass"!