Major Changes Incoming / Next Video Topic

Hey guys!

So the last video was a huge pain in the ass for a few reasons.


1.) Whenever I'd try to render or export the video, my computer would slow down to a chug and I could only perform a hard reboot to use it again (doing a clean install to Windows 10 64-bit Pro fixed all this).

2.) I knew "Part 2" videos always perform poorly in terms of views and channel growth and it was sapping my motivation to know that detail would bottleneck the video's reception.

3.) I knew the huge gap in Sonic video releases would get me a lot of flak from my subscribers and I was dreading all the negativity and comments about "FINALLY" and "you take so long to upload," as deserved as they may be.

I was pretty upset with how long it took for the video to come out, and I'm on a new medication and a better sleep schedule, so hopefully that will help me work more efficiently. I'm ultimately aiming to make 1-2 videos a month, perhaps slipping an anime review in there every other month. I won't make any promises, but that's the pipe dream!

In short, I think I'll be taking a step back from the Sonic content for a while, solely because I'm not enjoying it.

They're super fun games to analyze, but at this point it feels like an obligation  because it seems like "Sonic fans" are a big chunk of my audience, and that's not good for a handful of reasons. I'm not completely going to stop doing Sonic videos, but I'll take an indefinite hiatus. I'll also release a video at some point clarifying this to people, but I don't expect it will matter much because the internet in general doesn't listen to reason. (。ŏ﹏ŏ)

With Pokemon and anime videos, the comments are often "This is really good" or "I'd love to see you review this anime next," but with Sonic videos, the comments are always about mistakes the viewers think I made, nitpicks they didn't like about my format, or often details they're upset I didn't cover. The constant nagging of "WHERE'S THE NEXT SONIC VIDEO" makes me think I don't have a choice in the matter and, to be frank, it makes me depressed to feel like my content is entirely dictated by my fanbase for fear of angering them and losing their support. So I'm gonna see if I can't mitigate that with a little tactical redirection.

I'm turning my attention back to the long-unfinished Pokemon: What Happened video next, to try and get myself more passionate about making videos lately. It's been feeling like a grind, so I think this will be a nice way to freshen things up and keep my spirits high.

I had made a few small mistakes in that video, primarily mischaracterizing Satoshi Tajiri's physical appearance with that of  a CEO of a related company. It's an easy mistake to make when you google Tajiri and see a few different faces - I guess the guy doesn't make many public appearances. So I'll be going over the art I used for Tajiri's face and making it more accurate, since my ultimate goal is to make my "What Happened" videos things that people can come back and watch years from now without any obvious blemishes keeping it from being professional or accurate.

Whenever the video's done, I'll unlist the previous Pokemon Pt 1 video so as to avoid confusing people with a duplicate unfinished version of a then-complete video. But from now on, the plan is to stop releasing videos in parts, even if they end up being an hour in length. People say it hurts retention, and I'm sure that's true, but I don't plan on making a living through YouTube alone - it would be ideal if I could make my income from Patreon, since it's more stable and it would allow me to eventually do reviews of things without worrying about monetizing certain copyrighted content, like full anime clips and so on.


Right now, I'm planning to start a Resident Evil: What Happened? series and release them alongside Pokemon videos, if not just to avoid getting burned out with one series (like when I release Pokemon Red/Blue, I'll release Resident Evil 1, followed by Pokemon Gold/Silver, then Resident Evil 2, etc).

The reasoning for this being that, whenever I was done with a Sonic video, I was absolutely sick of the music and gameplay because my ADHD brain demands a change of scenery from time to time, so I think that will be the best way to keep me from getting bored with the content while also giving the viewers a variety of videos to choose from. Focusing entirely on one series is a surefire way to burn me out on the series as a whole, which would likely make me fatigued to the point where the writing and editing quality would suffer.

How are you guys feeling about rewards on here? I feel bad because I only have 2 inexpensive tiers as a way of saying "hey guys, I appreciate your money but don't go broke supporting me," but when I see people paying 5-15 dollars I feel pretty bad, like I should give something back - especially with my current slow upload schedule. Let me know what thoughts you have.

Thanks for all your support, hope to entertain you soon!