Major Depressive Disorder

Requires XML Injector v3 for Interaction Injection.

I bring you yet another requested Trait; Major Depressive Disorder. This would be a toned-down version of the Suicidal Behavior Disorder Trait. This trait is found in the Lifestyle Section of the Personality Traits in Create-A-Sim.

What it has:

  • Two Social Interactions:  Discuss Depression & Talk About Lack of Interest
  • Default +3 Sad Moodlet
  • Random Feeling Happy Moodlet
  • Anti-Depressant Medication


Thanks & Enjoy 💙

  • August 3, 2020: French Translation Added by Maia Game 
  • August 3, 2020: Added German Translation by Ulrike 
  • August 11, 2020: Fixed Unknown Trait in relationship Panel
  • November 20, 2020: Added Wait timers to Socials & Updated Moodlet Icons