Devine spirit, I been unique  

Since I changed my name to the child at seventeen 

My pops gave me game and I soaked it up Like a biscuit,  

Saved me from the hood but taught me not to play the chicken

And So Now i got a two piece and no wing

Must be doing sumn right, he say I'm doing my thing

And thats the gospel if you ask me

So what I'm like my daddy he a major key

He made a major key

We make major keys

About to have my second seed

And we gone name him Jah Prince Asiri

His mom hates me, but she's prego

As long as his last name is mine she can have her say so

My oldest is Hiram Nassir and he's a star

Named After my favorite rapper, a well known superstar

I used to emulate his flow, I can't wait to meet him, 

I need the doe, I can't wait for my rhymes to blow either

Cause I flow ether, after I takeover

I'll resurrect Hip Hop, do a track wit Hova

Cause in the hood, this the closet thing to being pass by blood

Bet a dub on that, put up a c-note

So I can spend that on sumn top shelf

Make another bet, I'll own the liquor and the grocery stores, 

Condominiums and apartment complexes

Thinking of copping CVS

Bet you won't see me stressed!

My chess games above par and ready for war, that's a major key 

She got game and intelligence, Shes a Queen, that's a major key 

FUCK the mayor, the CITYS MINE I'll run my myself, that's a major key

[email protected] DuC, Remnants of #Twenty16s, that's a major key

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