Major Mayhem PC review
A bit late to the party, but I got a new job that's been draining a lot of my energy. 
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- At this level, you get moral absolution from using adblock, and a big ol' fat e-smooch. It's the least I can do.
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Plus moral absolution, and a smooch.
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I currently stream Payday 2 and some other stuff on my Twitch channel: Not all games have unlimited slots, meaning participation is limited. Patronizing at this level will give you priority access to playing with me during those streams. Slots will be on a rotating basis, and will be based on availability.

You MUST join the Discord and ensure that your status is updated with me in order to

Plus moral absoultion, a smooch, and e-fame.

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Tier Vote!

Because Overkill has published the Ultimate Edition, DLC keys for Payday 2 don't have the value or function they used to.

So, participating at this tier level will let you be a part of a brainstorm as to what to give patrons on this tier, as democratically as possible. Discussions will be held on Discord about this tier until the tier has been filled.

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Say it and I'll Play it!
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One of the more common kinds of comments I get are to play a game and to do some kind of review on it. I don't have the time to play just everything, especially not "bad rats", or the entire Digital Homicide catalog, however I'm not opposed to the idea.
At this level of patronage, you can dictate a game that you would like to see me cover, and I will do a short-form, semi-improvised, 10 minute video on that title. These videos will be done once every month, however if I get 3 or more patrons in this catalog, I will shorten it down to one every two weeks, schedule allowing.
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Now that the goal has been reached, I have set up a Teespring campaign for JamesBlack47 T-shirts! They come in three colors each, and feature the microphone logo created by Drikus, who you can find here:

Now, I don't have boxes of shirts sitting behind me in the editing chair, although I wish I was that wealthy. How this will work is: I will have a t-shirt drive going, almost semi-permanently, on t-spring. When the campaign tips, I will automatically register you for a t-shirt, and have it delivered to you when the shirts go out. That means that this level will not reward you with a t-shirt at the end of the month, rather you WILL BE assured a free one when they ship as part of the regular sales. These dates are not set, nor assured.
This is not to dissuade you from patronizing at this level, more as a notice of how this reward will play out on a practical level.
You will also have to patronize for at least a month in order to cash in on the shirts.

Other merchandise might become available in the near future.
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Free voiceacting! I will commit to working with you for at most a single project a month to provide you with the same quality voiceover that I provide for my own reviews.
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