Major Tom Rogers
I know few men older than Major Tom Rogers, and most of them are members  of my family.  He was a hotshot young pilot in 2170, when he secured a  position as pilot aboard one of NASA’s Vulcan Missions.  They were the  last, grand venture of that old agency, and it was shut down entirely  not long after.  But the Vulcan Missions continued to outpace the news  of their dissolution all the way to their destination.  The Wall was our  name for the bubble of debris hundreds of lightyears across, the  surviving shockwave of an ancient supernova still spreading out around  our region of the galaxy.  No ship could pass through it in hyperspace  safely, and it would take decades to pass through in normalspace.  The  Vulcan Missions were sent to find a way through, and Major Tom Rogers  did not disappoint.  He flew the NASA rocket ship Independence Seven  through The Wall in 2205 and ushered in a new age for all of mankind.