Major update! Stage 3 of Grand lore revision project - complete!

Hello! And welcome to the finale of Stage 3 of the Grand lore revision project!

Stage 3 has been dedicated to the "Geography and nations" lore articles. As I’ve mentioned on Discord, in the Monstroniverse lore discussion section, I was not going to update the articles by one, but rather wait till I’m done with each and every single one of them so I can post them all at once.

Weeks of hard work brought us to this fine day, when I can safely say that I've done it! The entire section of the lore archive “Geography and nations” Has been updated! 

I have visited every article in this category, recolored and updated every map, heavily edited text part of some of the article. A few has been re-written from scratch. Also there are even a few completely new ones, which you might find very interesting.

Now, allow me to introduce to you the full list of articles that have been changed:

- Karandia continent -

The map has been updated and recolored. Removed some of excessive geographical names, now they can be found in region-specific articles.

- Principalities lore -

Complete re-written the entire article, dividing it into two in the process. One focused on lore, culture and description of each “pricept”. A lot of new points of interest all over the map.

The other, “History of Principalities” is now placed in “Historical events” section of the lore archive and focuses on the origin of the nation.

History of Principalities -

- Tamir lore -

Previously only the map existed, now I’ve written down full lore article for the island where the events of the comic currently take place.

- Dornia lore -

Mostly minor edits and extra descriptions to the points of interest.

- Eastern greenlands -

Re-written a major section of the article, explaining better how the Green tide was created.

- Kroll -

Similar to Principalities, I’ve separated the history and the lore of the region.

History of Kroll can now be found in the “Historic events” section -

- Ik’sumar -

Minor additions about the teleportation network within the kingdom.

- Avora -

Not many changes. Some extra info to the Points of interest.

- Kraf -

Fully re-written the general article. Added information about the Dark emperor. Added a few new Points of interest to the map. Changed chronology of events to create consistent link with Principalities lore.

- Takrun -

Fully reworked map, expanding it and added a lot of new landmarks. The test part is left almost untouched.

Ruby bears archipelagos -

Apart from changed name of the region, not many changes.

- Inginia -

An brand new article about the island nation, positioning itself as a sorority kingdom. Previously existed an arttile about the Temple of rebirth with only brief mentions of the kingdom it stands in. Now it has been made a part of the article as one of the Points of interest.

Next comes Stage 4 of GLRP. In it I will work on all of the Races of Monstroniverse articles and finish the Historical events, in which I didn’t yet touch Fields of the damned, Sol crystal and the Great collapse.

During the work on articles about Races I don’t plan to add a lot of changes to the text part, rather just refine them and make more readable. But what I actually want to change are the illustrations for some of them. Want to draw new ones, better and possibly with use of some of my supporter’s OCs. Should be fun ;)

As for now I’ll focus on the comic a little more and give it a week or two of rest. If you’re interested in Monstroniverse lore, give these new articles a read and tell me what you think. Opinions, criticism and point-outs of mistakes/typos are always welcome!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 122 exclusive posts