Lots of stuff to talk about so let's get to it! 

Animation Collaborative! 

For the next several weeks, I'll be attending the Animation Collaborative in Emeryville, CA. The Animation Collaborative, or the AC, is a workshop and mentorship program run by current Pixar employees, across the street to their Emeryville studio location. I'm studying Storyboarding under Rej Bourdages, a story artist and animator who's worked for Disney, Aardman, Dreamworks, and currently Pixar. This is a fantastic opportunity for me and I'm so excited to learn storyboarding under one of animation's best! 

Recent Medical Issues 

Without going into too much detail, I am happy to say things are improving. I am currently receiving treatment and my symptoms affect my day to day in a much smaller degree. I am on the road to recovery, and my output of art should improve soon.  Thank you everyone for your patience and your kind words. 

Changes in Pledge Rewards AND New Goals Reaches!


I'm very happy to announce that we've shot past not one but TWO goals, wow! Thank you everyone so much! That being said, it's been brought to my attention that raffles are not allowed under Patreon's ToS. That being the case, the monthly sketch raffle will no longer take place. Instead, all pledges over $25 will get a digital sketch, guaranteed, every month, replacing the hour-long personal tutoring sessions.  I hope this is an adequate compromise. Please don't hesitate to let me know your thoughts! 


Yes indeed I recently moved! In fact, this post would have come much sooner, but we JUST got the internet connected, haha. In transit, my Cintiq 21UX screen cracked. Thanks to my generous patrons, I am able to get it fixed. 

Upcoming Conventions! 

I will be at RMFC in Denver this weekend, followed by BronyCan in Vancouver on August 21st - 23rd. Come say hi!