MAJOR UPDATE TO PATREON (November 1, 2017)
Hey everyone,

So I've just made some pretty significant changes to the Patreon page.

We've had a good year or so running here on Patreon, and in that time, I've gotten some feedback and made changes accordingly.  We hope you all understand this is new to us and we're finding the right system, and we want to deliver consistent content on this page in a fun way.

To that end, I've made a couple of changes to the reward tiers.

#1 - The first milestone has changed, since it was never that popular.  If we hit 500 a month, we will now devote that money to tech upgrades as best we can afford.  Likely Joey and I will start to reserve Patreon money for upgrades and purchases as we need them, though right now my main priority is getting some serious camera upgrades.

#2 - The lowest tier ($1 a month) will now be devoted to weekly polls.  I like these, I can regularly do them, and I think it's a better offer than me trying to come up with random articles or whatever at this tier.  We'll get more people voting this way, which I think will be fun.

#3 - The second tier ($5 a month) will now be early access to ad-free videos.  This is a new tier but something I think people will appreciate and will be of some value to you guys,

#4 - I dropped the high level reward for the production meeting ($50 a month) in lieu of a new reward - special access to our personal discord server, which I plan to use to communicate within the Comic Island team.  This will get you the same behind the scenes look at our production but on a more ongoing basis, and will help alleviate some scheduling issues we've had with the production meeting.  I had fun with these but had a lot of trouble achieving what I was going for and I have other plans for future hangout situations anyways.

#5 - I completely changed the Legends ($75 a month) tier.  Instead of the personalized Loot Crate thing, we're going to opt for what is similar to prioritized requests, but are long term, series of videos you can request on well, pretty much anything comic book related.

Let me know what you guys think of all this!  I only want the best possible service for you all and I think this is a first major step towards that.  If anyone is upset about these changes, please contact me immediately, and we'll work something out.

Thank you all so much for your support, and I hope you guys are as excited about these changes as I am.

- Arden