Okay, this is seriously important because it's...kind of an explanation of why we've been so...gone.

Kathy: aka currently our Head/Main Artist-
Has had some major health issues still... She's fine! (Ultimately) but that, combined with a 4-Class semester this spring and graduating in the Fall has made things...more than just  a bit hectic with some pretty frequent Doctor Visits, Tests/Projects for class, Lab-Work needing to get done, general schoolwork, and planning medication modifications to hopefully have this stop happening.
To explain why this has been a reoccurring issue and its random nature and for transparency (posted with permission): She has Epilepsy, and she's had several break-through seizures (ones that happen even though someone is on medication). These are essentially unpredictable, and as you can imagine are more than just a minor inconvenience. Especially with all of the followup appointments and such that need to happen afterwards. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING.

Personal Note from Kathy: Really I am Sorry. Really, really sorry. I really wish that I can just... not have it happen. @[email protected]; I really do want to be working on this stuff, but it keeps needing to be put on the backburner because of things getting so insane. I have worked on some stuff, as you probably noticed forever ago, in the form of the new banner and the old art being uploaded to try and have something uploaded but... that...also keeps getting frantically spacey as things just keep piling up. THANK YOU for following, understanding and just.. being great, okay? Sorry and Thanks all at the same time. ;-;

In happier news: Our new Artists are still working on their backlog and concepts so we can hopefully get started uploading those soon!

In more mechanical news: After a lot of thought, and the eventual plan that we will be taking on more than two comics, we will be shifting to a Monthly Pledge. We will be altering our Tiers and Goals accordingly. Especially so we can definitely pay all of our Artists. Thank you so much for understanding, hopefully this makes things more easy for you guys as it hopefully will make things easier to plan on your end!

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