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Make in India initiative, Part 1 of 2
BAKU - India’s economic growth for 2015 stands at a staggering 7.3 percent. Yet, the country cannot create enough jobs to lift its people from poverty. It has a labor force of 502 million people, yet 49 percent are employed in the agricultural sector, which only contributes to 14 percent of the country’s economy.

It's these contradictions that Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to change under the Make in India project. This initiative seeks to transform India into a manufacturing hub for automobiles, electronic systems, pharmaceuticals, as well as a hub for hydrocarbon- and nuclear energy. This colossal task is the greatest economic reform in modern Indian history. It seeks to unleash the country’s true potential. Yet, change comes at a price. In this report, we will analyze the Make in India initiative and explains what obstacles the Prime Minister faces and how he intends to solve them.