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Hello my dears,

just wanted to ask you - did you have issues with the soundcloud playlist? I´ve been told it sounds terrible on some devices. I can see why - every platform (probably even patreon) adds limiters, their own mastering algorithm and normalisation to avoid blowing people´s speakers I guess so I´m offering the download option from 3 bucks on already! But does it sound SO terrible? 

I had included the link to that page on the last ten or sowelcome messages because I found patreon a mess when it comes to diggin down the rabbit hole - it´s slow in searching, you can never scroll down the whole timeline, etcetera. Hence I made the overview on (which is admittedly not too much up to date, it´s just TOO. MUCH. WORK!) and the soundcloud list but maybe that was a mistake -

- while our family has grown noticeably in the last months, I also had the issue of 5 (FIVE!) people signing up, some for higher tiers like 10 and 15, and then jumping ship again after only a few days. Might that be because of the soundcloud? I knew at least 2 of them in person and know why they went here so it was neither by mistake not because they didnt like the songs. And neither because we´re too political here... You know we´ve lost 4 patreons over THAT but honestly, I don´t mind :-D

 Not complaining (too much) - just asking...! 

What REALLY bothers me about that is that this messes up our goals so I´ve edited them a little. Hope you don´t mind. The next one now will be the GERMAN EP - I hope we´ll reach that stretch goal on indiegogo and startnext too! And, erm, I hope we reach the goals for CD and vinyl and art book.... I´ve got so brilliant ideas for the artwork that I really want to make them all :-D    

thank you!

xxx Feline

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