As a teenager, I went to a conference on Unschooling and Homeschooling. I was homeschooling at this point and I wanted more freedom in the form of unschooled, self-guided study.

I went to a workshop about it and participated in a fervent discussion with parents about the pros and cons. I defended student directed learning by saying that students who are motivated would learn more, achieve more.

There, I heard a parent defend the act of a teenager lying on their bed, staring up at the ceiling. They talked about how important it was to recognize that this wasn't doing nothing - this was doing so many things! Integrating knowledge, reflecting, relaxing and recharging. Getting ideas! Brainstorming how to storm the castle.

I recall this shift in perspective vividly. When it feels like I want to do all the things, but have to choose. Or when I need to stay home for my own radical  self care.

How do we make space in our lives for what we want? Maybe for what we need? How do you do it? Any of these work for you :

 Saying no thank you. Going on a retreat in order to get work done. Traveling. Taking a walk to the grocery store. Saying yep, I am putting on the clothes and going to the party, Right. Now. Just because you want to. Coloring.  Or staring up at the ceiling to think.

You guys make so much possible in the creation of spaces in my life, and the lives of others by participating here in this space. It's so incredible. 

Listening to that impulse. Going for it. Doing what you want to do for you. This is my wish for you. My hope for all of us.

Your body is full of knowledge about what you need. How do you create space for things to happen in your life?