Make Stuff Look Good in Max/MSP | Volumetric Light Scattering as a Post Process Shader

Hi all dear Patrons,

so going on with the request list, here's a tutorial explaining the process behind the Volumetric Light effect which I shared some time ago. 

I really tried to make this algorithm as clear as possible (for myself first of all) and in this video we build the whole thing from scratch in GLSL.

Nonetheless could be not so easy to grasp on first sight, so if you still have questions please let me know!

See you soon and thank you all for your amazing support! 

P.S.: I've uploaded the implementation in the "Fidelity Patches" dropbox folder, which I share with everybody that has a lifetime pledge >= 20$/€. If you reached the threshold but are still not in the folder please let me know! I'll add you. 

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