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My eternal Thanks, and some behind the scenes sketches, and work’s in progress's
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Now for this you get all access to being the scene sketches and jokes, as well as other sketches and censored jokes and sketches , things you would never see in the publication.
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You wil get my love, and apprciation, wip's, and all access to uncensored sketches and jokes, never meant to be shared beyond me and Kat. Some are very dirty, and thus the need to keep it high paid so that you except responsibility for the access to these images and words which may damage your human growth. There for making sure that some angry Parental unit organizations don’t protest us or try to shut us down. So if you buy this its your fault...I warned you I’m a sick twisted MoFo, buy this and your damaged, like yard sale material. Ye have been warned. 
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