The Makeshift Man, Issue 4, Page 18
And that's the end of this story! The goal of this issue was threefold:

1. Write a short issue, after the 25-to-30-pagers that the other issues were. I was aiming for 15 pages, and though it got stretched out to 18 pages, it was still under 20, so...yay! Success!

2. Write a straight-up horror story, to round out this volume's installments of not-quite-crime drama, action-comedy, emotional dramarama, and the upcoming spooky folklore western.

3. Do a story that is, like, all build-up, and then cut away from the moment when something is actually gonna happen, and totally leave out the climax. I don't know if this is a good idea or not, but that was the idea.

So, uh...yeah. Issue 4! I hope you liked it? *tapdance*