Making Friends... Real Friends...
Children are wonderfully accepting naturally. Many times I've gone to a beach or a playground and my son immediately connects with a kid- younger or older, without a name, they play wonderfully together while adult strangers stand at opposite corners looking on.

I always wonder if they are thinking the same as me - should I talk to them? What would I say? If we do chat and like each other how do we connect again?

As a writer, or maybe just as me, I'm an introvert. I stay at home homeschooling my son, work from home and spend down time, when available at home so really, unless the adult wants to talk about what lame joke I heard that day or how I teach my son to do laundry I have no material.

And that's the same for social media for me of any kind. I write because I love it, connect and market my books because I want others to read them but then I wait... wondering if anyone is reading anymore. So I wonder..

How do you meet someone for the first time?