Mari is an Art Doll. I have only been making Art Dolls for about a year now and have already fallen in love with the process. There are as many definitions for art dolls as there is for art itself. One I really like that I found is, "There’s no hard and fast definition to be found for an art doll. They can be made out of almost any medium or several different media. They come in various shapes, sizes, styles, and designs. They can be very realistic or abstract with barely anything recognizable on them. They can be human, humanoid, anthropomorphic, alien, fantasy, sci-fi, or just about anything in between." -

For me - it is can be any intricate mix of sewing, sculpting and painting. 

Sometimes I prefer bodies that are soft and made from fabric, or sometimes I sculpt the entire thing. The one pictured above is named, "Mari" and the best I could come up with to classify her is that she is a woodland sprite. For my soft-bodied dolls, the faces and feet (sometimes arms too, but not in Mari's case) are made from polymer clay - I use Sculpey Living Doll. After the clay is baked and the bodies are sewn and assembled, I will paint the face and feet and attach them to the bodies. I will cut a small slit in the fabric to attach the face (which I created an "anchor" on the back of the clay to sew it in) and will cut small holes in the seams where I want to put the feet. Right now I love minimally detailed faces and little feet with only a 2 or 3 toes. I am finding a lot of my creatures are ending up without arms lately - don't ask me why I just like the way they look without them! 

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