Making Me Stay
Every time I think I can walk away

I find a thousand reasons to make me stay

To make me think of better times

Days that have left lasting imprints on my mind.

When frustrating days appear

I think of days when you were near

When we were an inseparable pair

When we held each other dear.

I can recall specific moments

When there was nothing but contentment

Moments we held each other’s hand

Times that could not be better if we had made a plan.

We are living in a life

That has its joys, that has its strife

Rome was never built in a day

So I stand my ground and think twice about walking away.

Every battle has its stages

There is to be found some crucial phases

To overcome the strife or surrender

To Block the mind from thoughts so tender.

It’s hard for me to wave the white flag

In everything there will be snags

But I keep holding on

Because you are such a special one.

Everytime I try to walk away

All that’s you, just makes me stay.

Sheryl Keen