Making the move towards what you want...
Over the next month, some changes are being made to Birby Feathers and the connected content, with the intentions of refining it into something my audience (you!) can really engage in. I will be sending out a STORM of polls and posts, so that I can better understand my audience and their interests.

This will not effect the plot of the comic, but it will effect some of the elements in the story, and possibly even the order in which planned things occur. The BIGGEST change will be to the additional content offered through Patreon.
More Patreon-exclusive artwork will be posted, and I will do my best to post something interesting every single day.

Changes that have already subtly occured leading up to this moment include some minor changes to the $25/month reward tier and the shift from open-ended to "choose from options" method of giving Birby advice. If you want to comment with specific advice still, you certainly can! This change is only to make it faster and easier to put your input into the story if you don't have the time to think something up.

If you've had the attention span to read all the way to the end, then congrats, you're awesome! If you have any advice, feel free to comment below. And if you're still reading this, tweet me for a free sketch! Use #BirbyFeathers to prove you read it.