Making music (3)
I use sample libraries to make music. Sample library is a software to emulate music instruments in a computer. I remember the feeling when I bought the strings sample library used in my music.

It was expensive.

There was a big sale on the software at that moment.

It was still expensive.

I tried to write the main theme of Sun Shine Girl with strings and that sample library was the one of the best that I could afford. So I bought it. I installed it and ran it on my PC.

The screen was full of buttons.

Never mind. I tried to read the screen...

There were two more pages of buttons in the tabs.

OK. I started to write some music to test the library. I hoped that the main melody is smooth and fluent. I found that there was a button "Smooth" on the screen. So I selected it and played the melody.

It wasn't smooth at all.

The melody notes were disconnected. There were some strange noises in the melody. It didn't sound like the strings that I heard in my life. Did I waste my money? I opened the website of the sample library and I listened to the demo music made by that library. They were smooth. I looked at my screen and talked to myself...

It can be done. It can be done. It can be done.

I found that there were two buttons called "Attack" and "Release" in the software. I didn't know how to use them. After a few days, I found that the "Attack" button changed the volume of the starting of each note and the "Release" changed the volume of the ending of each note.  Later the melody was smoother a little bit. However, the notes were still disconnected.

I watched and read some tutorials on the web. After a few days I found that I needed to overlap the notes a little bit to trigger the "Legato" playing style in the software. The melody was smooth now! I looked at my screen and breathed...

Thank God I didn't waste my time and money.

When I think of the learning process of using the library, it was hard but it was quite fun. The software is full of buttons but it was quite flexible. I am still using the same sample library after almost 7 years. Thanks to the software developer and the library is worth the price!

P.S. Different sample libraries change their behavior by using different buttons or methods. The methods I mentioned above are just my experience and there are still many things needed to be done to make the music sound good (e,g, composition, performance, mixing, mastering...).

Thank you and see you later.

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播放出來的旋律像斷開一樣,其中有些奇怪的噪音,它不像我聽過的絃樂,我是不是浪費了金錢? 我打開了那音庫軟件的網頁,聽了用那軟件製作的示範音樂,它們很順暢,我看著畫面對自己說...


我發覺有兩顆寫上"Attack" 及 "Release"的按鈕,我不知道怎去使用它們,幾天之後,我發現"Attack"會改變每一個音符開始時的音量,"Release"改變每一個音符結束時的音量,我花了數天令旋律流暢了點,不過旋律仍像斷開一樣。



這是我學習使用音庫軟件的情況,那是很困難但頗有趣, 那軟件滿是按鈕但很靈活,過了大約七年後我仍有使用那軟件,多謝那些軟件裝作者,這軟件完全值這價錢!