Making Myself Useful
Just a quick heads up that I'll be posting some new milestones and rewards here in the very near future. And here's why. I am proudly an autodidact. I learn my own way. I read, I watch videos and listen to podcasts and lectures. I talk to people who know more than me and I drink it all in. But while self learning may be the path to greatness, there're some roads it's easier to travel when you've got some special pieces of paper and some letters after your name. In short, I want to start making what I've learned a bit more official. So I've chosen a set of courses I want to take. They range from an internationally recognised coaching accreditation to formal mindfulness instructor training. But courses cost money which anyone building their own business will tell you isn't a resource that's easy to spare. The bottom line is I won't stop trying to make the world a more creative place. I'll keep making the podcasts and writing the blogs. I'll keep running the quizzes and delivering coaching. But I can do all this faster and more effectively if I can invest a little in some formal training. And you can help. Training isn't cheap. I'll be pulling together all the cash I can and finding creative ways to offset some of the cost. The more I can get here, the easier it will be and the faster I can move. Milestones, rewards and everything else will come next week. For now, remember; creativity is hard, not complicated. So daydream a little. It works.