The Making of a DM
I am Nichole D'Angelo and I am your Mistress, Hostess and Dungeon Master for this series. In this video I explain my desire to become a dungeon master
I spell out my history and why I believe this will be a series you will all like to watch.

For too long our gaming has put distance between us. Imagination and creativity have been sacrificed for quick and easy to play games that offer little to those seeking a more immersive experience. Too many of us game from behind the shelter of a computer connected to the internet where all are anonymous. Lack of human communication other than expletives shouted either before getting killed or getting a kill has been the norm for too long.

Enter the table top RPG. I hope to take my self back to the time that D&D reigned as King of the RPG. I have rounded up six adventurers for a game night here at my house. Those adventure will be broadcast on twitch at and then posted here on youtube. But first... I have to hone my skills and prepare for taking on the role of DM. So join me in the episodes that precede our adventures that will show my progress as I become Dungeon Master of our group.

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