The making of a video
This week we set out to make a video for the first time. Exciting! YouTube was the endpoint of choice. First step- create a Youtube Channel. Super simple. Just goto YouTube and look at your icon and there is a link to My Channel. Voila! Just open it up and start filling out the sections. It is linked to your Google account , so be sure to be logged into the email you want to use for the channel or your email name etc will be changed to all the info you place in your YouTube Channel info (trust me- I found this out the hard way). 

Inside your "Creator Studio" tab on the left of your screen you will see a tab called "Create". In here you will find free music in the "audio library" tab and a "video editor" tab for video creation. There is also music inside the video editor which I find much easier to add once inside the video creator. Be sure to give all the necessary credits and links to the artists and creator of the tracks. YouTube will automatically place a link to the video editor inside your video info once you push the video up. Just go in and edit /add any additional info you would like. Nice! Here is a link to another great music source called NCSthat is really popular now:

You can also check out some of the music options under "gaming music" on YouTube. Here is one that I like right now:   fun, motivating music to play while working on your projects or working out too.

Hint: Immediately after you download a track you like, make a file that contains the artist, track, link etc so you will remember where you found all your tracks. Can get a bit challenging to credit artists when you don't know where the amazing track you have on your computer came from a week or two later and now you can't use it.

Here is what I found out during this particular task: The editor inside YouTube is really basic. Nice for making a quick picture based video. I would like to add a nice fade out to the end instead of an abrupt ...gone...ending. (I left the intro video as is so you can see what the first attempt looks like-check it out). I am sure this finesse will come with time and becoming more sophisticated with creating a video. But, for the first time....I was pretty proud.

Hint: don't click the video button on the right until you are happy with what you have created (it should read "publish"). You will have to go back in and rename/edit to make changes if you do.

This lead me to explore other video creating options. Windows movie makeris free and open source (we love free and open source!) Download here:

On the paid side, lots of people seem to like Camtasiabecause it can be used to create other monetized projects (more on this later). Here is a link to download:  I am checking out Camtasia this week to see if it worth the $199 price tag. I will let you know what I found out in later posts.

Well, that should keep you busy for this week. Give it a try...Make your first video!

As always: Thanks for supporting this project!