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I've had a half-completed Patreon page sitting in limbo for several months now, waiting for me to hit that "submit for review" button. Most of the delay has been nerves, but it's also been me looking for the right words. As my editors know, I over-word things even on a good day. But still, I want to go into a bit more detail on why I launched this Patreon page.

I've been very lucky as a creator. I have friends who support me through my highs and lows, don’t question when I say "I need you to hold this lightsaber in front of the cat for a photo." I can just say "Hey, crew, who’s with me on this new thing I wanna do?" and see a bunch of hands shoot up. I have my team behind me, and they keep me motivated.

Unfortunately, making entertaining videos,bots, and such comes with a price tag. Equipment like microphones and cameras, game subscription fees, hosting costs to keep chatbots active, coffee (so much coffee)... all adds up. Money is, sadly, a necessity. Twitch subscriptions are nice, but Twitch is only a small section of what I do and not everyone can afford their fixed pricing model. Donations are great, but spontaneous; I can't plan financially around whether or not I will get donations. Monthly pledges help me reliably predict how much income I have to work with before committing resources to anything. It's the difference between maybe doing [insert crazy thing here] and definitely doing [insert crazy thing here].

That's why you're here. All of you are my energy, and knowing you're here even looking at this page makes me excited for the future. If you enjoy what I do and want to help me continue to create even better content, you can help out by pledging. And if you’re unable to pledge but wish you could, you are clearly someone amazing and I appreciate you anyway.

Let's do amazing things together! 

P.S.: I wasn't kidding about the photo.

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