Making The Patreon Awesome!
Hey everyone!

Spencer here from Constructed Criticism. We are looking for ways we can improve this side of the podcast. We want to do what is best for the listeners of the show when it comes to the Patreon so we want to know what it is you guys would love. 

We can do many things for you guys, but mostly we want to hear from you. So we are having a contest once again for feedback.

Please comment on this or send us an email to [email protected] with what you want from our Patreon and we will give out $100.00 store credit to Oasis Games to the best feedback. 

We want ideas for the basic rewards as well as goals that you guys would like us to reach. Goals we have in mind are upgrading equipment, more content, even community events. But we definitely know that you guys want swag so that is pretty high on our goals too. 

So send us your ideas and we will do what we can to implement what you guys want. After all this show if for the listeners so please give us your feedback. 

Thank you so much for your time.

Spencer Howland
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