Making Pico8 Sound Amazing With MP3 Audio
I was experimenting with the Pico8 web player and I noticed that it populates an array in javascript, for the GPIO pins, on a real computer like the Raspberry Pi. I found you could set this in LUA, inside the Pico8 by poking around in memory.

I think this comes under the category of cheating the limitations of pico8 but i'll post this experiment here so people might expand on it to make something cool.

I've managed to cobble together some Javascript and such to enable you to play mp3 and ogg files from inside LUA.

Here is the Pico8 code:


function audio_reset()
for i=0,7 do
     poke(0x5f80 + i, 0)

function _draw()

   if (btnp(4)) then
       poke(0x5f80, 1 )

   if (btnp(5)) then
       poke(0x5f80, 2 )

   print(peek(0x5f80), 60, 60)



...and here is a link where you can trigger 2 sounds that can play over top of each other. View the source on the page to see what i did to the javascript.

Unfortunately thats as far as I got. The audio is loaded into players at the footer of the page and there is no stop control yet. Comment below what you think and I'll revisit this later.

Let me know if you do anything fun with this.