Making plushies on a budget!
I thought I'd put up a discussion thread on making plushies on a budget! 

There are upsides to spending more money on materials, but you can make equally lovely items without having to spend very much!

General tips:

Most stuff needed to make plushies can be found in craft stores!! So look around your local area, because alot of the time, the postage for buying things online ends up making things more expensive. 

If you plan on making alot of plushies (like I do! XD) I've found ebay to be pretty good for bulk buying, so if you're happy to spend a bit more and get ALOT of one item, it can end up being way cheaper. I found this to be especially the case with stuffing. STUFFING IS SO EXPENSIVE IN SHOPS!! The little bags of stuffing you find are generally about £5/$12, and only fill maybe 2 or 3 plushies. But on ebay you can buy 500kg of stuffing (big heavy bags) for about £40/$70, and these things last me for over a year, and I normally use alot of stuffing!

Fabric and fur:

If you want your plushies to be super soft, you dont necessarily have to buy expensive faux fur! Cheaper faux fur isnt very soft when you buy it, but you can make it softer by brushing it down a few times over with any kind of hair brush or an animal grooming brush.

Recycle fabric! Socks with cute patterns can make really good plush fabric because they're flexible and stretchy! Look around and see what you can find :D

Keep your scraps of fabric left over from other plushies and use them for smaller details. I often find that smaller parts of plushies such as ears or paw pads, are small enough that I can use scrap fabric from other projects, I end up buying less fabric because of this! If a plushie is made up of different markings with many small pattern pieces, its normally pretty easy to get enough fabric out of left over fabric too.

Facial features:

Stylize your plushie designs to make them quicker and cheaper to make! 

Buttons make such a cute eyes, but they are so much cheaper then glass and plastic eyes, and easier to find in local shops! 

You dont have to buy embroidery thread for nose and eyes either, which can be expensive. Depending on the design, simply adding eyes and noses with a permanent marker can look good! I did both of these things for my xmas decoration plushies back in november.

That's all I can think of fpr now! Do any of you guys have any tips for making plushies on a budget? :3