Making Road to Jove Great again.
Hello there Patrons and fans!
David here with a bit of an update, and a little warning- 

There might be a page released today.
If so, this month will deduct from your Patronage to RtJ.

The main reason why we have been away you should, by now, know-

We wanted to make sure that the best possible pages (and roadie packs) come your way.
Not just as Patrons, but in general, the pages and the material we release is dear to us, and we want to show off the best possible, so we took a bit off to work up things.
Rearrange, talk about, fix, meddle with, and generally try to improve it all.

As said before, this might mean that not every month will have a release, whilst some months will have more than one releases.

So I'm right now a bit on the fence on releasing the next page today.
I'm going through it in the afternoon to make a decision.
If it doesn't come, it's because I want to make an improvement (in which case it'll be there beginning next month, i.e. next week).

And if you are a Roadie- you're not going to lack.

We are compiling extras for you, and every month there is a released page, there will be a private email sent to you a couple of days after the beginning of the next month. The amount of extras will depend on the amount of pages released, so one page will generate a couple of extras (or one big thing), two pages will generate a couple more extras, and so on.

This is also one of the reasons we wanted to release a page this month (if possible), it means less of a wait for the Roadies for the first thing to arrive after our break.

For the regular page- the updates will come on Mondays, and always a week after the release on Patreon.
The regular webpage will probably have only one page released on months we release pages on Patreon, regardless of how many we release on Patreon.


  So that's a little update on that.   

What's YOUR thoughts?

Let us know in the comments!