Making sense of the world
The first stage of the tldr archive  was personal. How are notes and writings stored over time, and how do you make sense of these later?

I often use this to look up things I have read, or thing about what else I could add to make my knowledge stronger. The backend of this uses Quip, which allows me to search through notes and find text or "tags" if I placed a string of words in an article. This was super helpful when I was writing some papers for school, finding supporting material was so quick. However, it would be great if I could do this text search at the first level, rather than through Quip. I do not able the ability to do this at the moment.

But I feel some basics have been set up for personal knowledge organization. Now I want to think about how multiple people would organize information on a larger scale. Think Wikipedia, but typically searching Wikipedia means you sort of already know what you are looking for, or are using keywords. The disadvantage is exploring what is there without a previous conception of what you're looking for is difficult. 

And this is a problem I want to solve and creatively design for. I imagine being able to say, I am a game designer, scholar, and researcher of educational practice: what do I need to learn next? Or could I learn? And how do I organize those learning experiences.

A few mockups about the design of such a thing.