Making Spiky Stop-Motion and Art Doll Hair
If you're interested in building a spiky hair-do like Norman's (from the film ParaNorman), you've come to the right person, because I actually designed and built Norman's and many of the other characters hair in that movie.

There really isn't a quick answer, however here's the short version of what materials to try out that will be available in most regions. And I hope you'll post or hashtag me your progress of your art dolls !!! :) I'd love to see your artistry and ingenuity at work!

Let's start with choosing a Hair Fiber.

Hair Fiber:

For a style like this, I like to start with a stiff thick hair fiber, like hair sheared from goats, and dye it with hair dyes. Less expensively, You can try chip paint brush hairs and dye them to a brown with watered-down acrylics or rit dye. If using Rit Dye, be sure to mix a good amount of Yellow rit dye with the Brown to off-set the strong purple in the Brown dye. Thin fine hair fibers like Alpaca fleece will generally mush together, curl-up and lose their texture when the Styling Glue is applied, so I don't recommend them for this sort of straight spiky hair style.

Base Glue:

You'll need a way to glue the hair fiber to the skull or wig cap. My favorite glue after years of experimenting is colored hot melt glue. For Norman, I suggest the brown hot melt glue, available on Amazon. Be sure to get the glue stick kind and NOT the sealing wax kind. And I like the mini hot melt glue guns with the on/off switch the best for safety and convenience. Also, recently I got a gift of a silicone mat - and I just love it for placing my hot glue gun on!

Styling Glue Combo:

Over the years I've discovered that 3 basic components make the best glue for this kind of stiff hair style: Vinyl Glue + Hair Gel + a couple drops of Colorant (water-based paint). Vinyl Glue is a category of glues that include Elmer's Glue, Aleanne's Tacky Glue and PVA glue - all are water-based and pretty non-toxic. For Hair Gels, I look for one that is clear, has "bold Hold", and cheap ones are usually pretty good for this kind of glue combo. As for the Colorant, I recommend a water-based liquid acrylic or liquid latex paints, like the ones made for airbrushes. You want a paint with really finely ground particles or is dye-based, because you want only to tint the Styling Glue and keep it transparent. You'll want a colorant in a color that closely matches the hair color. This prevents the Styling Glue Combo from drying or aging white if you apply it a little thick anywhere on the hair - instead it will blend into the hair color when fully dry.

Hope this gets you on your way to your very own spiky hair creation! Have fun and always be safe when use chemicals or super heated materials - always use ventilation to minimize your exposure to toxins :)

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