Making Spoilerin' Time More Convenient
Hey boss,

We’ve got some an idea we want to run past you.

We’ve built up a pretty big back catalog of Spoilerin’ Time episodes covering loads of TV shows and movies. A lot of folks have asked for an easier way to access all those discussions--like all the discussion of The Shield. 

Right now you’d have to search for those episodes and figure out where in the episode the discussion begins and ends. Doable but not convenient.

We want to start a project to collect those individual discussions and make them available to patrons who want to watch along with our past selves. Want to start True Detective with us again? Are you up to taking on The Shield? We want to make that easier. 

What do you think? Let us know in the comments or at [email protected].

If we can get the number of patrons up to 1850, it’ll give us enough momentum to get started (and if you’re somebody who’d like to help with the project, by all means let us know!). If you're not a pledging patron already, consider joining the ranks, and if you're already one of our bosses, tell a friend about the show.

Thanks again for supporting Cordkillers. It means the world to us that you find value in what we do and back that value up with your contribution.


Brian and Tom

PS: If you haven't already, consider joining the Discord! It's a free way to chat with other cordkillers--and $1+ patrons get a fancy red color! Check out this post for more info .

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