Making a Stand for Wildlife with Art
I'm about to start a campaign and where it will lead I do not know. However I am hopeful it will help to give Oregonians who care about our wild lands a visible voice that can't be ignored by our representatives in the government. 

Put a Bird on it!

After speaking with Audubon Organizers who helped save Elliott State Forest from being sold off this year to logging interests, the Organizers spoke of needing more ways to keep urging the Governor of our state to better reflect the interests of the people and a healthy environment. There was talk of commissioning me to make a Marbled Murrelet art bird to be presented to the Governor. (Marbled Murrelets have become a symbol in Oregon of endangered species and habitat loss.) 

I felt I wanted to do more... I felt one bird is one voice, what could be done to create a more powerful message? 

What if Governor Brown kept getting Marbled Murrelets every week, or even every day? A daily reminder that Oregonians love their forests! What if they came from all sorts of people and their children? Who could deny a child wanting to have a forest with Marbled Murrelets protected for their future?

So here the beginning of my idea, and I hope it will gain traction and grow beyond just my efforts.

Sponsor a Marbled Murrelet to fly to Governor Browns Office! 

I'll be offering to #needlefelt an art bird of the endangered Marbled Murrelet (pictured above) in the honor of the citizen sponsor and send it (with any short note the sponsor would like to include) to the Oregon Governors Office. 

I'll be posting this opportunity at the Project Bird Baby Nest GoFundMe Campaigna fun and all proceeds will go toward building the Bird Baby Nest identification game.

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