Making Stuff with Rachel! Linocut printing tutorial.
Happy to present my very first tutorial! I oh-so-creatively named it "Making stuff with Rachel." Not the MOST thrilling name, I know, but it kinda suits me. 

I've been wanting for awhile to make tutorials; showing any curious someones how to make some of the things I love fashioning with my hands. So when I found myself running precariously low on Cardinal prints, I decided it was prime time to try to articulate the process. And finally – pink prints! If you never got a Cardinal print and would like a pink one, there are a few up for sale in the store  or just drop me a line directly.

I hope you enjoy! And maybe you'll even find yourself making holiday cards or presents using your creative brain and your own two hands. Why not?  It's terribly satisfying.

And Lucas, my 3.5 yr old nephew who has no attention span to speak of, insisted on watching this video through three times as well as being enthralled by some of my tedious editing. I think it was the sped-up section (the last 1/3rd) that had him sold and giggling.

Thank you, friends!