Making The Title Animation For Soft Spot 4
I made the opening and closing animations for Soft Spot 4 using separate models which I made out of sculpey (oven bake clay) and painted.

In Soft Spot 3 I tried doing some animation this way for the first time. There's a bit with a wizard model that grows out of a kind of blob. I made that animation with 5 separate wizard models. (it's at 2.01 of the Soft Spot 3 video if you're not sure which bit I'm talking about!)

I decided to try that sort of thing again but longer this time for Soft Spot 4. One teddy bear model splits into two and they step away from each other and hold up a banner with the title on it. In the closing animation they walk along side by side holding flags saying "THE" and "END".

Making the models look exactly the same is the tricky bit. The cutting mat with measurements on it helps with that. For the end piece of animation I could just re-use the same models so that was handy!

I filmed a video of me animating the models for the title part. I'm going to upload that in the next post.