Making Videos on the Geeks Server
Yesterday I wrote a bit about the original geek, my man Arahli. I also mention Arahli because he is an example, an example of where you can get with friends as an Ark Youtuber. My climb to 1k subscribers was long and arduous because in the beginning I was alone--I had not yet found peers. 

That changed when I joined the IronMine server, and because of that I insited we bring Arahli into that community. He has benefitted from being around more experienced content creators like I did, and if you geeks have any aspiration to do what we do--to make Ark videos--do it here!

Arahli grew his audience more quickly with friends to shorten the learning curve--but it isnt a one way street--bigger channels do not just help smaller one. I have benefited from Arahli`s new found audience, getting new subscribers and even Patrons like you guys.

Because of that, I want Patrons recording on this server! I want to you to benefit from being in our videos, and I want your audience to grow so that someday I can grow my audience from recording with you.

Teaching you the tips and tricks of making content isnt what I do and focusing too much on that would take away from making videos, but as a member of the Geeks discord chat you will have access to the whole community, and a wealth of advice.

Arahli and I teamed up because having two ark youtubers on the server is better than one. Well that number is already growing, and I want it to continue to. If you are thinking about starting your own channel--just do it. I can`t tell you how rewarding it can be if you stick with it.

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