Making a wooden Crate from pallets (Not Rustic)
Hey Guys!

 First and foremost please welcome Bastian Schröder, Kevin Horst and Cactus Workshop! to our community! 

I got my new tablesaw which is a Scheppach brand, it has a much larger capacity as my old home made one. Hopefully i can build the out feed table / workbench in the next weeks along with a router insert.

As i asked you guys earlier this week about the Crate build if i should make a video from it. Ive done it . It's not the most interesting build but you were right maybe somebody gets inspired or finds some useful info in it. 

Lately i got a lots of comments from people who don't like the kind of music that i put in my videos so this is also an answer to them :) . 

Thank you so much for your ongoing support, People like you guys make a difference in my life.

Cheers , Seb

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