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Malcolm X and the American Election
The reactive identity politics of the Democrats reduced the complexity of people's hopes and dreams to "black votes," "Hispanic votes," and so on. Hence both the politicians and the metrics people became blind to the excess of possible worlds hiding beneath the surface of skin color, gender, sexuality, religion. Ultimately they were all reduced to a Hillary or Trump vote--the eternal binary code. The silver lining is that many people's refusal to be reduced to a number in a vicious game for power shows that there's a willingness to scramble the code. So while many mourn the lack of votes for Hillary, we're hopeful since the refusal to vote is a sign of people affirming their own difference, and that's the kind of strength that will be needed to overcome the tyranny that now awaits. In today's episode, Josef speaks to James Hill Jr., who is a long time friend of the podcast, about the American election, Malcolm X, evangelicalism and the times ahead.