Malefic Condescension: Bitterly Crying (Out) II
A significant myth, Prolific obsession of muted hymns by cauterised shut lips, Grace's carpe religious tradition marionette diem homage sealed unholy silence! Supposedly cleansed tombs of a reissued husk aligned with the court of thunder's vain applause to a cloud hidden G-d, Standing damned sandcastle universe by as inhumanity's greed sermon delirious faith dreams waste the lonely planet of earth until it's last breath... Monotone softly tone destiny stifled deaf whispering amidst the blowing of prayer's gaunt malfunctioning vane lisp winds, Rustling in thunder's beautifully arrogant psalm pipe miracle dreams held aloft by faith: In an astronaut sitting idly behind the unshattered glass of time by, As the malignant depravity of avarice fawning sycophants speeds the burnt caged offering slavery 3rd animal world children bare the eternal noose of karma's white reincarnated tunnel poverty. In earnest anticipation of,
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