Malefic Condescension: The Napalm Cross(ed) Heart I
Inaudibly bearing, An invisible bloody crimson shoulder adorning napalm fire dry, Witness' broken faith cross, Amidst thunder's hoarse tortured throat of starvation, Scream response not in the knick of vane time's vault of forever's seemingly bound hands! Eternity's beyond quantification Astronaut seems unable to intervention, In the continuing scene wherein God's Self deadly to oppose insecure save by anger Esteem watched oblivion ascend to pang a rusted hammer's death symphony pointed nail into a mythical three brimstone days later resurrected Christ, staining God's identity forever with an unapologetic ghost dye of empathy! A hidden compassion remnant lurking behind the waves of impending depravity, Preying inhumanity's avarice perpetuated fingers back crossed 666 harmony route of a hive minded consciously adopted social coma would turn in raised single digit defiance before the evil self abomination craft apocalypse... Hits! In earnest anticipation of, Change before... Too late!
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