Malefica, the Prequel (Read for Free!)

In a world controlled by men and ordained by the church, Malefica rises in the Dark Ages.
It is the story of Serah Hajek, an innocent woman found guilty of witchcraft. She is wrongly accused soon after her mother's death at a pyre, and sorrowfully taps into the very energies and practices she was first hunted down for.
In Malefica, we follow a resilient woman, her relationship with the occult and her grieving culminating in a thirst for revenge.

Malefica is a comic created by AnnaTheNewt and Miguel Guerreiro Lourenço, sparked from the former's passion for witchcraft and women's lives in the Dark Ages. With beautiful, dark illustrations and a poetic approach to the narrative and characterisation, Malefica's world is as rich as it is frightening, and we cannot wait for you to join us!