Maleficent Atheistic Condescension: Dawkin's Rape Concept II
Baleful malarkey, Bravery rape hive fingers tap the hollow wooden atheistic mind, Applauding miscreant epidermis adventure tangents of obscene context, Embedding memory spider woven nightmare shrapnel in congealing emotion terror ache in innocent heathens lying eternity alone, Depraved of white dream sheep sanity by pop rape insanity culture and the cheat threatening damnation hands of every which moral trench way is now grey wolves, inhumanely preying up drunken skirt on intoxicated by some infatuation children of a mother who never amputated her conscience from a violent epidermis sexual misogynistic pretends its entitlement equates rape with sex... As if it were love. In lieu of our participation in, Burning virginity as offerings...
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