The Man Behind the Rigged Election

TOPEKA, Kan. — Kris Kobach is only 50, but he’s the closest thing the fractured Republican Party has to an ideological godfather on the two most galvanizing issues in the conservative arsenal: immigration and voting rights.

Much of what Donald Trump will say on those two topics at tonight’s third and final general election debate has been influenced, in one form or another, from Kobach’s law book-strewn second-floor office in the Kansas secretary of state’s imposing, Renaissance Revival-style headquarters in downtown Topeka.

Here's the guy that I've been following for the last decade. Kris Kobach, he's the man behind Trump's border wall and his claims that the election is #Rigged. I'm heading out on the road tomorrow to cover the theft of the 2016 election. Hint, they're not trying to steal it from Trump.

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