((this one is tongue-in-cheek so keep calm and carry on, okay? XD ))

Feminists! WTF!? What? Why!? Urgh!!

There are gay men being thrown off buildings in Syria. There are entire villages of women being fucking ENSLAVED in Iraq. There are little boys being raped by government officials as a matter of prestige to government office in Afghanistan and you are talking about manspreading? MANSPREADING!?

Okay. Fine. I guess so feminists can focus on actual atrocities like we should be doing already we'll just have to solve this problem ourselves.

Men? Gather-round.

Today we're going to learn how to use our bodies.

Ivy/Harley instruct

Courtesy!/ whip


Cross!/ whip


Okay I think I got it!

Like CCCP!

(camera shift)

*leg cross 101*

Ta-Da! We now know how to cross our legs! And it doesn't make us effeminate or anything! WOW!

Now I can manspreasd up here instead!

*reaches out for Harley and Ivy*

*gets whipped*


LGBT Murder by Jihadi-Islamists:

Enslavement of girls and women by ISIS:

Boy-rape in Afghanistan:

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