New Year's has never been one of my favorite holidays. I wonder if I did enough the past year and I reflect on the challenges that the next year might bring. Like many of you, I am glad 2017 is over. My anxiety was very bad, I felt like I missed out on and neglected some opportunities, and I felt pulled in many directions that I wasn't able to talk to anyone about. There were a few highlights though, and I realized that part of why this year was so tough is that I pushed myself to do a lot of things that terrified me. I planned a wedding, I got married, I went to Jamaica, I drove to Chicago by myself, and I started working on a graphic novel. In order to get through these events, I had to shove my anxiety down quite often. I thought I was managing it, but I was really just ignoring it. It left me emotionally exhausted and in constant physical pain, and all I wanted to do most of the year was rest on the couch. I've come to accept that maybe that is how I had to get through this crazy stressful year, but I'm hoping to get back to my healthier and more productive coping strategies in the coming year. When you start to feel yourself burning out, you have to ask whether you are managing your stress or ignoring it.