Manchester Anime Con + New Stock!
Meant to post this a lil earlier (since it's been a week already, whoops!) but he's some more new stock I got together in time for MAGC on the second weekend of April!

 As I write this I realise I forgot to post about Medway Comic Festival the week before but let's be real, pictures of my table in sports halls all look the same. Medway was fun though, I've never been to Kent and I saw an amazing sunset and met a lot of amazing people that day (not limited to: strange greasy spoon guy who asked for my number and was somehow hilariously homophobic, crazy lady yelling at a closed bus stop in Victoria and this kid Jaden who walked to Elephant and Castle with me after I told him the bus stop he was waiting at was closed and we had a very good, lenthy conversation). 

Manchester was also good! A little quiet maybe, which was sad because I was looking forward to using it to gauge how far I'd come as an artist (and I suppose, businessperson) since last year. The organising company has some ~stuff~ going on though so it's only expected.

Also! New prints! Up on Etsy!

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