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So i think I write some news for my works becose i feel that i littebit confused everyone withe my art wokrs.

So that is now my question which manga or doujinshi you wan to read!

Legend of Moon Vampire- I very soon finish this manga and after i be working on Cursed Heart chapters becose i see that so many peopels like that. In back ground i workin on Angel song and Angel of Hope.

Angel Song- Soon that peopels can read who support me here $3!

Angel of Hope - I dont know witch time you can read this manga is on Hiatsu now becose i need to thinking the story

Gravity falls-  I finish the first chapter drawing soon i start to put up here. I now thinking for Chapter 2 i intresting how many peopels wan tot hat i be continue this manga.

Tokyo Mew Mew- I finish the Chapter 2 Just the digital wokrs I have left.

Miracolus red Panda story - I not startid yet but its in plan. I first wan to asking one of my friend and after start to drawing.

Thats all. pleases poll which my wokr you wan to read more or you cant wait to read.

 Thank you so much the help!

Cursed Heart

Legend of Moon Vampire

Angel of Hope

Tokyo Mew Mew - I miss you

Gravity Falls Fancomic

Miracolus - Red Panda story.

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