Tier Benefits
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
$2 or more per month
With this basic tier you will receive Third Eye Champagne episodes before the public. EXCLUSIVE readings for all astrological signs and monthly predictions each month. One Quick & Dirty episode every one to two weeks. One Live Stream a month where you can chat with me. My weekly blog. Early access to classes and new books. Priority scheduling for readings. Access to Patron Exclusive email readings with me. 
$5 or more per month
It's time for Magic! My Magicians will receive everything my Muses get plus special new meditations designed to bring out the best in you! At least one LIVE Surprise Quick & Dirty reading per month. Discounted readings when readings go on sale. 
High Priestess or Priest
$10 or more per month
Take me to Higher ground! My High Priestesses and Priests will receive everything my Muses get plus Drunk Tarot Episodes (including a chance to be featured on Drunk Tarot!) ALL the live surprise Quick & Dirty episodes. AND access to my vlogs where we can get into everything from how to make my famous shortbread cookies to conspiracy theories and my take on current events. Watch out because sometimes VERY WEIRD stuff happens on these vlogs! 
Empress or Emperor
$20 or more per month
  My Empresses and Emperors are providing Abundance and Security and for this you shall receive everything my Muses, Magicians and Priestess/Priests get, plus ALL my true ghost stories episodes (and a chance to tell YOUR ghost story on the show!) and the ability to CALL ME during the Sunday Brunch Live Streams and make requests. And a silver sponsor credit on all my Third Eye Champagne YouTube videos
Wheel of Fortune
$30 or more per month
The Wheel turns up and Fortune is ours. My Wheels of Fortune will receive everything all the other tiers get. Plus a Diamond Sponsor credit on my Third Eye Champagne YouTube videos, a signed copy of one of my novels mailed to you. PLUS steeper discounts on readings and energy clearing videos previously not available to the public. 
The Star
$50 or more per month
You're a Star! My Stars will receive everything all other tiers get, as well as a Platinum Sponsor credit on my Third Eye Champagne YouTube videos, a signed copy of the novel of their choice mailed to you and a yearly forecast video specifically made for you (after going through TWO billing cycles.). NO waitlist for readings with me, NO MATTER WHAT, you will always get in within a week of your request (unless I am on vacation.) Permanently discounted email readings ($27/email). 
The Sun
$100 or more per month
You are the Sunshine of my life! My Suns will receive everything the other tiers get, plus you get a sponsor mention by me on every Third Eye Champagne episode on YouTube AND one 30 minute video reading per year as well as TWO free email readings per twelve months (transferable to others so you can use these as gifts!). 
The World
$150 or more per month
You mean the World to me! My World Patrons will receive everything all my other tiers receive plus a weekly email sending you all sorts of good vibes and positive juju and affirmations AND one phone call or Skype with me per year where you can pretty much ask me anything! Plus a sign photo of me (your choice) mailed to you.
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