Manifesto on Manifestation: How to get what you want.
My Three Part Manifesto on Manifestation:

Part I

The Think System.

    Once upon a time I worked with a bunch of psychics and people who thought they were psychic and they talked a lot about manifestation. Everyday they were manifesting something. “I’m manifesting it,” was such a common phrase I grew to ignore it. It had no potency for me. In addition, whatever they claimed to be manifesting, never came to fruition.

 The Secret had already come out and this idea of manifesting was very much in the collective atmosphere. But the people I met didn’t seem to be doing a very good job of it. It reminded me of the the think system from The Music Man.

  The idea was you were going to somehow magically think yourself to a better life. You were simply going to “put it out there” and the Universe would deliver.

 Here’s the thing: Not so much.

  As a psychic I am able to feel the energy of people, places, things and events, even events that haven't happened yet, even farther out than that, I can feel the energy of events that likely will never happen. Everything is energy, this is simple physics. Energy itself is neutral. It has neither a positive nor a negative charge; people, places and events charge the energy, that charge can be removed, retained, changed or amplified.

  A good example is the American Civil War. There are areas where those battles were fought that to this day continue to carry a negative energetic charge because of all the death, fear, pain and suffering that happened there.

  When you are making requests to the Universe, you are asking for a certain charge of energy to come your way. It might be the energy of love or abundance or peace or fun. But it is not enough to to ask.

  When all you do is ask, you are using the the think system, which may have worked for Robert Preston but it’s not going to work in reality. It’s a start because if you don’t know what you want, the Universe is going to give you a mixture of stuff. If you do not have a clear mindset then the Universe is going to serve up a little of this and a little of that. It’s like going to a restaurant and changing your order three times in five minutes, the chef and the waitress aren’t sure what to bring you so you end up with a hamburger patty on top of a cream puff with a side of grapes.

  The think system is a good start but this is usually where most people stop and you have to keep going.

My old boss’s business was hanging by a thread, “I’m going to manifest customers,” she said all the time. That was it. That was her whole plan. She was going to request customers from the Universe over and over and until one day, they magically appeared and bought everything in the store. Needless to say that day never came. She didn’t take her manifestation far enough. You have to do more than think it, more than ask for it, more than want it so so badly.

But it’s a great start. So step one in getting what you want out of life: Think about it. Think long and think hard. My boss wanted customers. That’s what she asked for. Now, again, she didn’t follow through with it because she skipped the very necessary next two steps, but if she had, what good were customers going to do her? Were it me, I would have asked for money, paying customers, abundance. You have to think specifically and you have to think consistently. And you have to remember, no matter what you want for yourself, the one thing you can’t do is change people or make people do things.

So start with this. Think of something. Something you want in your life. Spend a week thinking of it. Consistently and positively thinking of it.

 Next time. Part Two: Energy Frequency: If you’re matched up with the wrong frequency, you’re not going to manifest anything. I’ll tell you how to line up with the right stuff.

 Thank you for your support!!!